About Colleen

Colleen Dooley is one of Australia’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapists and HeartEnergetix Practitioners. She is a certified Past Life Regression Therapist and Life Between Lives (LBL) Spiritual Regression Therapist. Colleen enjoys dedicating her considerable skill and devotion to empower her clients to release conditioning, connect to who they really are and enables them to make positive changes to their life.

Colleen has helped many people to identify, understand and totally transform the blockages in their life that hold them back from reaching full potential, and she can do the same for you. Her blend of HeartEnergetix, Past Life Regression, and Life Between Lives Therapy allows you to self-explore, to find your resources within and be empowered in your healing.

Colleen is Founder and the Lead Instructor for the HeartEnergetix Institute, teaching a Certificate in Hypnosis, Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy/Practitioner of MindEnergetix and Past Life Regression.

She is Creator of MindEnergetix and a Co-Creator of Hypnoenergetics®

Graduating with a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Australian College of Hypnotherapy in 2004, Colleen started working as a Hypnotherapist of an evening whilst working her corporate job during the day. She felt drawn toward alternative healing but like most felt she couldn’t leave the safety of a permanent job. She was eventually projected onto her path following a health scare. She knew it was time to listen to her body and follow her heart, taking a “leap of faith” leaving the security of her corporate income to start her business and have never looked back. She has been in full-time practice as a Therapist since 2008.

Colleen is a Certified Life Between Lives (LBL) Spiritual Regression Therapist having trained and certified through The Newton Institute, USA. She has been one of the Institute’s Instructors and has been on the Australian Training Staff since the Melbourne training in 2010.

Colleen holds an Advanced Certificate in Applied Psychotherapy Practice through the Academy of Transformational Psychotherapy as well as a Certificate in Past Life Regression with the Holistic Healing Centre, New York and is an Internationally Certified Instructor with IACT. She is a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist/ HeartEnergetix Practitioner and Spiritual Regression Therapist living and practicing in Queensland and Northern NSW, Australia.

My experience with Colleen has been incredibly profound and life changing.

Her extensive skills, depth of insight and compassion took me to places I never imagined where I experienced true healing and release.

A beautiful person and incredible therapist, she leaves no stone unturned, she is a truly gifted healer.

Much love and gratitude

Sandra xo

Trauma and Addiction

“My experience with Colleen was breathtaking and exhilarating, her professional therapy and services enabled me to become empowered on my journey of trauma and drug addiction recovery. HeartEnergetix enabled me to awaken the giant within and embrace all that held me back to become the best me that was otherwise captured and compressed by my trauma and addiction. Colleen assisted me in unlocking all that kept me captive and all that I was afraid to feel which was masked.

Colleen stood faithfully by my side throughout my journey and encouraged me to remain accountable and to create a secure foundation for my long term future.

I am ever so grateful and so blessed to say the least, that our paths crossed and she will always and forever be in my heart and in my life. Not only did her services initiate my recovery, but also her personality and nature being so genuine and authentic, it restored my faith in connecting with people again, after my long term isolation where I had disconnected from the world and any kind of relationship. Colleen never ever gave up on me which was a unique experience for me! Meeting Colleen reminded me of where I came from and where I am going. Without this experience that I’ve encountered in my life, I honestly don’t know where I would be, or even if I’d be alive. Colleen really is heaven sent!”

​Anonymous for personal reasons

Do you feel something is holding you back?

HeartEnergetix empowers you to release the conditioning we are all exposed to from our time in utero and frees you to be free to live more of your authentic self.






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HeartEnergetix supports you to gain awareness, understanding, and assists to heal the emotional core of health issues. This approach works beautifully in alignment with physical and nutritional modalities to holistically support your health and well being.

If you have been struggling with issues….xw XW

If you have been struggling with issues….xw XW

“whether they are health, emotional or feeling blocked, Colleen is the lady for you. Colleen is highly skilled, in fact, I think brilliant.
Brilliant in how she weaves through what felt like a quagmire to me and linked all the relevant insights together so that I could feel the truth.
What release and relief!   And Colleen does all this with such love and respect. I cannot recommend her enough. She is a truly beautiful lady and a highly skilled therapist.
I am infinitely grateful to her for assisting me to change my life. And to the universe for helping me find her.  Gold, pure gold. With mountains of love and thanks to you Colleen.”


My sessions with Colleen were amazing, to say the least. Her professional & gentle manner put me at ease instantly and with her vast breadth of skills & knowledge, she was able to navigate me through my own mental resistances into an effective journey, reconnecting me with my soul level awareness. I was blown away by the journey and information I was able to access through her guidance. It was definitely a life-changing experience and I highly recommend her work.

Anna Gatsios
Divine Interceptions

Thank you again for my recent past life session. The experience was extremely significant and insightful. After the session, I spent time reflecting and felt so liberated with the insights I received. I never would have guessed that ‘relationships’ was an area I was working on in this life. Now that I know it is, my life makes perfect sense and seems so clear. For the first time, I feel a sense of peace with my choice of family and my very diverse range of friends. I can now understand the significance of every job I have had, why each experience was presented and the learnings to gain. How perfectly the divine plans are made.
I wanted to let you know that your work is valued. I got absolutely everything I needed to know from the session and are extremely grateful. Colleen, keep doing what you do as it truly does add greater meaning to one’s life and a deeper sense of understanding and purpose.

With love Amanda

Hi, Colleen. My sessions with you were amazing.  I only listened to my session for the first time about a month ago. It was quite amazing how much I forgot.  I realised listening to the session that you are a really amazing facilitator too, so thanks!! I feel blessed to have gotten so much out of my session, particularly insights into my family, which have been helpful this whole year for me. Thanks again Colleen

Love and blessings Elizabeth

I was aware how certain aspects of my life were developing or rather not developing. So, after being hit with a number of disappointing and upsetting events in the areas of work, health and relationships, I decided to seek out a past life regression (PLR) session to see how this experience could help me to understand my current circumstances better.

When I met with Colleen for my PLR session, it only took me a few moments of talking with her and being in her company to feel safe and relaxed. I had the standard nerves that come up when trying something new but at the same time, I knew I was in good hands.

Throughout the session Colleen guided and supported me with a care and an artistry which could only come from much training and experience in Hypnotherapy and she was also very motivated and determined to do her best to get to the bottom of the issues I was facing in my life, constantly coming back to what I had told her at the beginning of our session,,the reason for me being here.

My session with Colleen was a huge success!  In visiting past lives with her guidance I was able to confirm my souls main lessons in this current life and also firmly understand the main reasons I am here on earth this time around – in short I know what the meaning and purpose of my current life is

When looking for a Hypnotherapist or Therapist I think I share most peoples’ outlook when I say that you want to find someone who you can trust, feel comfortable with, will truly listen to you and seek to understand you and do their very best using their expertise and experience to help you achieve whatever it is you are aiming for. I can say, with full confidence that in my session with Colleen all these boxes were ticked!  I am so pleased that I made the effort to go and have a PLR session and am extremley glad that It was Colleen who guided me though it. It was a truly exhilarating and awesome experience and can’t wait to go back and have another session sometime soon – thanks Colleen!

Kane Mason