Hypnotherapy Courses

Certificate of Hypnosis – Introduction to HeartEnergetix

This introductory course is a pre-requisite to our Diploma, as well as a stand-alone course for those wanting to learn fundamentals of hypnosis assisting in life improvement and well-being.

You will learn…

  • how to induce a state of hypnotic trance and safely take someone in and out of hypnosis.
  • a range of counseling skills to effectively draw out a client’s issue, gather important information, build rapport, and effectively debrief the session.

  • hypnotic techniques, deepeners, the power of words, and post-hypnotic suggestions.

  • how to work with yourself, adults, and children. You will learn how to improve the quality of your and their life, through the power of suggestion and the use of metaphor.

  • you will learn to communicate with the body and access it’s wisdom
  • learn about self-care as a practitioner

We introduce HeartEnergetix and how to use the concept of energy and consciousness within suggestion therapy.

During this course, you will also be learning about yourself and the importance of doing your own work to become an effective Practitioner.

Our uniqueness is our blending of hypnosis with energy and consciousness to bring about powerful change – not just through embedded commands.

This certificate course has an online theory component including the practical application of techniques taught. It includes interactive practices and assessments, within pairs, fully supported by HeartEnergetix team members.

Certificate Modules

Modules 1-9

Module 1 – An Introduction to Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Module 2 – Intake and Basic Counselling Skills

Module 3 – Moving in and out of trance safely

Module 4  –  Fundamentals of Hypnotherapy for improving Well Being

Module 5 – Working With Children and their Parents/Carers

Module 6 – Self Hypnosis

Module 7– Releasing Addictions and Compulsions

Module 8– Body Wisdom

Module 9– Self Awareness and Self Care

Required Reading

​Upon registering for the Certificate of Hypnosis – Introduction to HeartEnergetix you will be sent the following coursebook to study and read over the duration of the course:

   • A Transpersonal Approach by Allen S Chips.


There are no Pre-requisites for this course.

2021 Dates:

Our online certificate modules launch online in February, 2021.

Our certificate practical training days will now be February /March 2021 due to Covid 19.


Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy / Practitioner of HeartEnergetix

This course is a wonderful and significant journey in both professional and personal transformation. Our intention is to create a network of skilled and ethical practitioners who work beyond the realm of traditional hypnotherapy. The HeartEnergetix modality is state of the art in its approach, blending the powerful foundation of hypnotherapy with energy and consciousness.

Our curriculum offers a vast array of evolved traditional and new energetic approaches designed to bring deep personal insight and transformation to those who learn them and then, in turn, offer them to others.

​HeartEnergetix empowers clients to heal through accessing their truth and higher awareness. You will learn to facilitate clients to be able to release their layers of conditioning and reveal the unlimited potential of their true self beneath.

It is ultimately assisting a client to transform their pain into power or their peace.

Our Diploma teaches the basic core principles of HeartEnergetix in order to track trauma back to its core to permanently release limiting beliefs and trapped energy typically in 1-2 sessions – rather than just changing limiting beliefs over a series of sessions.

You will learn a range of techniques to track, identify and (release) trauma including Age Regression, Feelings Bridging, Womb Regression Therapy, and Inner Mind Conflicts techniques to name a few. You will graduate feeling competent and confident to assist clients who come for significant issues including the debilitating conditions commonly experienced within society such as Anxiety, Depression, and Addiction.

We also support you to establish your business to give you the best chance for success. Our vision is to take this work to the world and touch as many people as possible.

This work is both profound and fulfilling for people who are wanting to make a significant difference in the lives of others.

This Diploma course in conjunction with our pre-requisite Certificate course totals 600 hours. Upon graduating you will be able to practice and gain association membership with the International Integrated Complementary Therapies Association (IICT) and acquire insurance.

Diploma Modules

Diploma Weekend 1 Modules 10-13

Learning Overview

Module 10 – Energy, Feeling, and Connection

Module 11 – Age Regression

Module 12– Releasing and Transforming Trauma

Module 13 – The Feelings Bridge

Text: It Didn’t Start With You by Mark Wolynn

Diploma Weekend 2 Modules 14-17

Online attendance required 4 – 7 September 2020

Module 14 – Spontaneous Womb Regression

Module 15– Inner Minds Conflicts Therapy

Modules 16 – Clearing the Energy of Depression and Anxiety

Module 17 – Transforming Cellular Consciousness

Text: Mind Over Matter – Lissa Rankin M.D.

Diploma Weekend 3 Modules 18-22

Online attendance required 2-5 October 2020

Module 18- Toxic Relationships – Empowering clients to heal and re-claim themselves

Module 19 – Understanding the Complexities of Grief

Module 20 – Spontaneous Past Life Healing

Module 21 –Family and Ancestor Healing

Module 22– Remote Healing Advocates

Text: Dodging Energy Vampires By Dr Christina Northrup

Diploma Weekend 4 Modules

Online attendance required 22-25 November 6-9 2020

Module 23 – Multidimensional Healing

Module 24– Balancing the Masculine and Feminine

Module 25 – Clearing Energy Attachments

Text: The Energy Codes – Dr Sue Morter

WAKE UP! To Your Self By Colleen Dooley

2020 training has been postponed due to Covid 19 – 2021 Dates released December 2020:

Our Certificate will be available early in 2021, dates to be anoounced in December 2020

Our Diploma will launch online in April 2021 and the practical intensive dates will be finalised and announced in January 2021.

Past Life Regression and Soul Awakening dates to be announced in January for 2021.


Pre-requisite for the Diploma course is the online Certificate of Hypnosis – Introduction to HeartEnergetix or an approved recognised prior learning in hypnotherapy, minimum 80 hours.

HeartEnergetix Past Life Regression Therapy

This course focuses specifically on the exploration of the Immortal Wisdom as a way to offer profound insights emanating from a client’s soul lineage. As a Hypnotherapist trained in regression therapy you will learn how to intentionally regress a client back to explore their immortal memories within past lives. Using your existing skills and the introduction of additional healing mechanisms you will learn how to work with and release trauma that may present.

We learn to explore themes that present across lifetimes, release karmic patterns, and uncover the immortal echoes that affect this incarnation. You will learn what is necessary to prepare your client consciously and unconsciously, work with blocks, and build a strong foundation for a deep and profound experience of reconnecting to their immortal memories of other lifetimes. Very importantly you will be able to draw out relevance, awareness, insights, and facilitate healing to improve your client’s current life.

This training covers all aspects of the use of hypnotherapy in an energetic context to access womb memory and specifically, past lives. Learn a myriad of healing and integrating techniques that facilitate the profound release of past life patterns and insightful exploration of the soul lineage. The course is structured to benefit both new and experienced hypnotherapists using HeartEnergetix methods and philosophy.

Our structure of this training has changed to align with our other course structures through utilising our online platform. Our past life regression therapy course theory is now fully online. Students have access to the training content to complete at their own pace prior to the face to face workshop.

During the face to face training, each participant receives a comprehensive manual. After observing a live demonstration, students will undertake their own regressions into past lives under the guidance of the instructors. Case studies are required to be submitted following training for the completion of the certification process. This course is recommended as preparatory training for The Newton Institute’s Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy.

Course Pre-Requisite

A Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy with a minimum of 600 hours of formal training that includes Age Regression within the curriculum or our Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Practitioner of HeartEnergetix.

HeartEnergetix Soul Awakening Journey Therapy

Soul Awakening Journey is the evolution beyond past life regression therapy. This is the ultimate experience for a client to connect to their deepest truth and wisdom in a way it is felt, known, and embodied. The journey or returning home to the spirit world that is taken is not only profound for the client it is profound for a therapist too. The intention for this work is an exploration of the immortal self, a connection for your client to their deepest, most significant memories, the memory of who they truly are as a Soul.

The Soul Awakening Journey focuses specifically on the connection to and embodying of the client’s Soul essence, enabling them to see and experience life differently. This work draws out profound insights emanating from a client’s soul lineage as well as embodying that knowing for them to access here and now.

In this course…

You will learn to regress a client back beyond a past life to their spiritual home where they interact with Soul family, guides, higher beings who support their evolution and all they participate in between incarnations. We learn to explore themes, release karmic patterns, and uncover the immortal echoes that affect this incarnation. You will learn how to effectively question your client in every moment as you move from healing to the explorer, seeking to draw out knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and answers for the client as they journey within.

This training covers all aspects of deep spiritual regression. You will learn to build energetic rapport, prepare the client for the experience, deep inductions and the use of energy as a bridge, how to build a strong foundation of depth and connection, clear setup and intention for where to go, effective questioning and listening in order to draw out and capture the client’s experience. You will have an awareness of what the client may encounter and how to deal with those situations and be prepared to handle whatever happens within this client-centered approach. You will also facilitate the profound release of limitations and patterns spanning lifetimes within an insightful exploration of their soul lineage.

The course is structured to benefit experienced hypnotherapists with formal past life regression training and experience.
Each participant receives a comprehensive manual and following the submission of their case studies, students will undertake their own Soul Awakening Journeys during this training under the guidance of the instructors.

Course Pre-Requisite

  • A Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy with a minimum of 6Ja00 hours (including at least 100 face to face) formal training that includes Age Regression within the curriculum, plus formal Past Life Regression Training as well as completion of 20 PLR sessions with clients